Eradicate Abortion

A Mother’s Cry aims to stop abortion not through politics but through the demonstration of God’s love, grace and forgiveness for all women.

A Mother’s Cry is about having open, honest, approachable conversations with women finding themselves amidst some of life’s hardest obstacles; abortion and unexpected pregnancies to choosing life. It is the heart of A Mother’s Cry greatest desire to pursue relationships with these women in difficult pregnancies, to walk alongside them in their journey and equip them with the support needed. In turn, it is our prayer that a rich community will be built through the established relationships to go on and connect with others finding themselves in similar circumstance.

Establish Birthing Centers

A Mother’s Cry aims to establish
birthing centers in developing countries.

A Mother’s Cry is determined to identify key remote locations around the world that most desperately need Birthing Centers and establish them within the community.  By doing so, women will have the opportunity to have a more dignified labor and delivery and have more medical support at hand. Ultimately, our goal is to lower the maternal death rate, as well as saving the lives of the unborn.

We want to encouragement our chapters to go on short-term mission trips to work alongside the nurses and midwives who are our national partners that are running the Birthing Centers.

Be A Voice

A Mother’s Cry aims to encourage women who are grieving from abortion, miscarriage, or loss of a child.

Can you feel a tug on your heart from experience knowing you may be one of the ambassadors God has called to be used for His Kingdom? Can you relate through your own story? Have you experienced the life changing power of Jesus Christ, been immersed in His Word and feel you could compassionately pour into the lives of others? We want to hear from you.


Julie Mad-Bondo

Julie Mad-Bondo is a native of Central African Republic. She was  taken in by a missionary as an orphaned infant, and she later on adopted Julie.

Julie is the founder of A Mother’s Cry, a nonprofit, Christian, humanitarian organization specifically designed to find Biblical solutions for the things that grieve the heart of God as well as meeting the desperate needs of mothers here in the United States and around the world.

Julie now lives in Central Virginia with her husband of 27 years. She’s a mother of 3 children with one in heaven. And one grand-son.