Did you know?

70% of women who have had an abortion indicated their religious preference is Christian.

35% of Christian women who have had an abortion indicated they currently attended church once a week or more.

36% of women were attending a Christian church once a month or more at the time of their abortion.

As women consider their abortion decision, the most typical reaction/expectations from a local church were “judgmental” (33%) or “condemning” (26%).

51% of women agree that churches do not have a ministry prepared to discuss options during an unplanned pregnancy.


The question of “If you or someone close to you had an unplanned pregnancy, would you recommend they discuss the decision with someone at a local church?” 54% said they would not.

Seven in 10 (70%) women who have had an abortion classify themselves as Christian

52% of churchgoers who have had an abortion have no one at church who knows they have had a pregnancy terminated

76% of women indicate local churches had no influence on their decision to terminate their pregnancy.


With every passing minute, precious women seated in church pews around the world, are forced to make the decision to choose life or death by way of abortion. The influence of the church’s voice in their decision is having zero impact. This has to change.  That’s what A Mother’s Cry is all about. This is particularly applicable to babies that have been identified as having special needs.

 “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you…”  Jer 1:5

What is it that defines the significance a person has on this earth? Who has the right to determine what it is that makes one persons life more valuable than another? By opting to choose to have a couple tests done, once an extra chromosome or other extraordinary characteristic may be detected, is that where today’s world has decided to make the cut between life or death?  Christianity Today stated, “in 2006-2010 theses researchers estimate around 5,300 babies were born with Downs Syndrome annually. During this same time period, approximately 3,100 babies with Downs Syndrome were selectively aborted each year.” In addition, according BBC News Magazine, “ninety per cent of people in the UK who know their child will be born with Downs Syndrome have an abortion – so there are concerns a new, highly accurate test to identify babies with the condition, will lead to even more terminations.”

The love these incredible, extraordinary little humans have to offer, and to teach us about is the reason we need to give them a voice to be heard, and a chance to live. They are deeply loved and cherished by their Creator and we believe it is our mission to establish a community of parents and children that have been extraordinarily created by an amazing Creator. If this perceived “burden”, has become your reality and you feel that you would be an encouragement and blessing to others, we would be honoured to hear from you.

Want to get involved? Will you partner with us to eradicate abortion, nationally and internationally?

Does your story involve abortion? Do you have a story of healing that you can use to impact to change the views of people? Would you like to start a chapter in your local church and be a voice for the voiceless?